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Office 365: 3 questions answered:

What is Office 365?

Most of us have used Microsoft’s Office suite for years. Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. have become the go-to applications for email and productivity; not just in Enterprise Corporations but right down to the Mom and Pop operations. Over the past several years, there has been a paradigm shift in the world of software; from something you bought and installed on your computer or network, to something you subscribed to and accessed with a web browser. This is cloud computing.

Frankly, and Google pioneered this Software as a Service model and Microsoft was fashionably late to the party. One of the disadvantages to arriving late is that many people will have aligned themselves with someone else, the advantage, however, is that you can improve on the mistakes and shortcomings of the status quo.

Office 365 was not designed to compete with the other cloud productivity applications, rather it is intended to take the tried and true applications that everybody already knows and prefers, and make them available in the same fashion as the other products. It is really just that simple, Office 365 is the applications you already know, delivered as a service.

Office 365 includes four primary components: Exchange Online, the enterprise class email engine, SharePoint Online, the enterprise class document storage and sharing engine, Lync Online, a new enterprise class instant messaging and online meetings application, and Office Professional Plus, the same desktop software you use today, for a single monthly fee per user.

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Why should you care about Office 365?

We believe there are two compelling reasons that a firm should consider Office 365: Enterprise Power and Lower Cost. Yes, we know that sounds like an oxymoron. But More for Less is what the cloud revolution is bringing to business owners today; it is simply economies of scale in action. For example, just one of Microsoft’s datacenters can replace the workload of millions of the on-premise servers sitting in back rooms of business offices around the country… and it doesn’t take a million employees to maintain a datacenter.

The capitalized expenditure related to the on-premise IT infrastructure for a typical business may well be something we have become reluctantly accustomed to, but that does not mean it is still required today. Email and file share servers can literally be turned off. Line of business applications can be moved to Microsoft’s Azure and those servers can be turned off as well. Your entire IT expense can be pared down to devices and an internet connection. What is the compromise? Nothing. In fact, it is usually just the opposite. Most on-premise environments we encounter are neither running the latest versions, nor the most full featured versions of the products, both of which are instantly and perpetually available with Office 365. In addition, none of the on-premise environments we have seen have Lync deployed, and few have SharePoint; both of which are also included in Office 365.

So yes, more for less.

How can Forceworks help you with Office 365?

Just like the Microsoft Cloud Services we support, Forceworks’ services scale up or down to meet our clients’ needs.

Scaling ServicesIn our first interaction with you, we assist you with figuring out which plan or combination of plans will suit your needs, and provide you with the link to purchase those services; this costs you nothing at all.

From there, it depends on your needs. For a reasonable fee we can assist you with account setup, dns modifications and migrating your data to Office 365. We can also assist with the development of complex SharePoint deployments, Dynamics CRM Deployments, moving line of business applications to Azure, enabling full voice to Lync unified communications, and integrating all of these applications. We can also provide you with ongoing local support with plans that offer significantly discounted rates.

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