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Dynamics CRM: 3 questions answered:

What is Dynamics CRM Online?

If you have ever worked in a large enterprise, and particularly on the selling side, you are familiar with CRM. Microsoft Dynamics is actually a family of enterprise products which include financial systems, ERP systems and CRM. Many of the largest corporations in the world use one or more of the Dynamics products and have for many years. As part of it’s shift to the cloud, Microsoft has taken one of these products, CRM, and made it available in the Software as a Service model. The rest of the family won’t be far behind.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is now a part of the Office 365 family of cloud products that are available to businesses of any size. CRM, or “Customer Relationship Management” is, at it’s core, about keeping customers happy, and increasing your sales as a result. But that is really only the beginning.

In addition to being able to track and monitor all of your customer interactions, including phone calls, emails, orders, documents, web visits, etc, in one place, automated processes can also be applied. A simple example of an automated process would be a customized email reply to a prospect’s inquiry on your website. That simple process can be expanded to notify the appropriate salesperson for the territory. The process could be further expanded to notify the salesman’s manager, if the salesman does not follow-up within 24 hours. This is a very basic example of a very powerful concept.

Dynamics CRM manages the entire “lead to cash” and beyond lifecycle. Starting with lead capture and generation, moving through opportunity management and deal closing, all the way to keeping the customer satisfied with service management. These are the core capabilities of Dynamics CRM.

Beyond the basics, Dynamics CRM is not so much an application as it is a platform. A fully customizable engine for almost anything you can think of. In fact, a significant part of our practice is rebuilding outdated Line of Business applications into the future-proof Dynamics CRM platform.

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Why should you care about Dynamics CRM Online?

To be right up front, many companies do not need CRM at all. There, we said it. We are well aware that many companies have very simple operations. A one-call-close, or single product or ecommerce company for example may gain little benefit. The concept of Customer Relationship Management assumes your business needs to build and maintain relationships, which many businesses simply do not. If, however, your business does require relationship building and managing to succeed, then you may be a candidate for CRM.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you capturing every opportunity that comes your way?
  • Does your team have the information they need to close every deal?
  • Are you maximizing the revenue from each of your prospects?
  • Is everybody utilizing the best proven methodology to close your deals?
  • Can your team access everything they might need to know from their smartphone in the field?
  • Is your current process accessible, easy to learn and inexpensive to maintain?
  • Has your current system or process kept pace with your company’s growth?

A “no” to any of the above questions warrants at least a look at what Dynamics CRM has to offer in increasing your efficiency. If you answered “no” to several of these questions, then your company’s very survival may well be at stake. Depending on what your competitors are doing, implementing Dynamics CRM can only have one of two outcomes: catching you up, or moving you ahead. One thing is guaranteed: the leader in your field already has a CRM system.

How can Forceworks help you with Dynamics CRM Online?

We are so glad you asked. Forceworks’ core strength is Business Process Improvement.

forceworks-strengthDynamics CRM Online and SharePoint Online are the primary tools we use to improve your business results. We are absolute experts in these platforms. Of the Microsoft Cloud Solutions, CRM is the one that has the most transformative potential, and is therefore the most complex. Very few cloud partners in the Microsoft ecosystem have invested the time and resources that we have into mastering CRM. Why? Frankly, most cloud partners prefer the plentiful, low-hanging fruit of Office 365 basic deployments.

Deploying Dynamics CRM Online can be an expensive proposition. Before undertaking this commitment, Forceworks will work with you to determine a few things. First, are you going to realize a return on your investment? If we can’t demonstrate this, then forget everything we said about CRM; it’s not for you. If we can demonstrate an ROI, then its time to start peeling back the onion that is your business. We’ll keep the processes that work, fix the ones that don’t, and then apply what we learned to your deployment. We are making this sound a lot simpler than it is, but if the appropriate ROI can be demonstrated, then the effort is worth it, and we do most of the heavy lifting anyway.

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