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Microsoft Cloud Solutions, including Dynamics CRM Online and SharePoint Online (available standalone or as part of Office 365), are business transforming technologies. These solutions are so powerful, flexible and extendable that many of our clients don’t know where to begin. Some clients’ needs are complex, requiring in-depth analysis, process diagraming, proofs of concepts, focus groups and lengthy development cycles. But at the core, we have found that most clients’ needs are very similar and a lot of money has been spent over the years developing very similar solutions for different clients.

We took to the task of trying to solve both of these problems, and the result is Forceworks’ RapidStartTM for SharePoint Online and RapidStartTM for Dynamics CRM Online. RapidStartTM is a fixed scope of work, at a low fixed cost, designed to provide real value in a short amount of time. Even clients with complex needs often start with one of our RapidStartTM plans as a base for further development. For many clients, RapidStartTM is all they need to be quickly productive with their new investment.

Forceworks offers two RapidStartTM tracks: SharePoint Online and Dynamics CRM Online. Each track offers the choice of two levels, Basic and Basic Plus. All plans include our integrated user training system, putting your users one click away from our always up-to-date video “How to” libraries. Over 1400 short to-the-point videos on almost anything your users might want to do, built right into every deployment.

To learn more about Forceworks’ RapidStartTM, click your choice below:

RapidStartTM for
Dynamics CRM Online

From $6,500
  • Customized Entities and Fields
  • Customized Business Process
  • Customized Forms and Navigation
  • Social Insights Pre-Installed
  • Integrated Training System
  • Customer Data Import Included, and more

RapidStartTM for
SharePoint Online

From $3,990
  • Complete Intranet Solution
  • Secure Access portals
  • Shared with customer portals
  • Search Center and Archiving Center
  • Integrated Training and Help Portal
  • Document Migration Included, and more

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